6 Unusual Uses for Safety Pins

6 Unusual Uses for Safety Pins

1. Safety Pin Bracelets:
An easy, fast, fun project that can add a little sparkle to an outfit is a safety pin bracelet. Depending on your wrist size, you'll need between 50 and 100 pins. Grab some small colorful beads after that thread them through each pin. When you’re finished, line the pins up. Thread two should be 12-inch strings of elastic cord through the pins. Run one string through both the pin’s bottom and its top “eyes.” Then, tie the bracelet around your wrist, stop the surplus elastic, and you’re able to show off your new bracelet.

2. Sock Organization:
Simply pin your pair of socks together before placing within the washer . Your laundry folding and sock drawer just got an entire lot more organized. You can use different colors for different members of the family so distributing the socks changes a dull chore into a colorful one.

3. Fix a Drawstring:
Use this tip to fix old hoodies and sweatpants. Attach a security pin to the drawstring, then push the security pin through the opening within the fabric. Bunch the material up round the pin and push the pin forward, threading the pin through the drawstring’s tunnel. Pull the pin out the other end, and detach it from the drawstring. Knot each end of the drawstring’s length to stop it from coitus interruptus .

4. Keep Loose Buttons Together:
It’s even easier to lose buttons than socks! To keep buttons systematic thread a pin through the button holes. Large work best for this tip and it’s great for when you have extra, distinctive buttons that you need to make sure stay with a garment: just pin it inside a pocket to make sure your buttons and the garment stay together.

5. Decorate Old Throw Pillows:
Give your cushion a moment New Look with this easy and straightforward tip. Freshen up your interior decor by “embroidering” the pillow with colored safety pins– and you can even add beads like you did for your new bracelet!

6. T-shirt Makeover:
Using just machine dye and safety pins, you can reincarnate that grungy t-shirt in the bottom of your drawer. First, dye the t-shirt any color you’d like. Then cut slits wherever you’d like, generally on the sleeve’s shoulder seam or down the shirt’s back. Use colored safety pins to “sew” the slit back together, giving your shirt a punk corset look!

What is your favorite use for a Safety Pin?

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