How to Wear Ear Buds

How to Wear Ear Buds

1. Check for “L” and “R” labels on your ear buds. Some ear bud brands have specific instructions which speaker goes into which ear. L is indicated for left ear and R stands for right. Some of the ear buds, like those made by Apple that accompany iPods, usually don't have this. If you don’t see a transparent marking, you'll place the speakers in either ear.

2. Hook the primary bud into your left hole . Situate the bud in your ear by hooking it into the into the ear hole. The plastic stem connecting the bud to the wire should line up in the same direction as your jawline. Do not push it into your ear canal. It should persevere the crevice within the outer a part of your ear-fold.

3. Repeat with the proper hole and adjust as necessary. Repeat the same action for your right ear by gently situating the rounded bud into the outer part of your ear hole. Adjust carefully and avoid pushing the ear bud into your auditory meatus .

4. check out accessories if you're having trouble with the fit. Ear buds are notorious for falling out of the ears, especially during exercise. If this is happening to you, search online for accessories that you can pair with your buds to keep them in place. There is a wide range of different approaches to this, so do a little research and choose the accessory that best addresses your issue.