Disposable Bouffant Cap (Pack of 200 pcs)

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In The Box: 2000 x Disposable Bouffant Cap

Made from premium quality non-woven materials, Disposable Bouffant Caps are the perfect fit for your industrial and clinical needs. Easy to use, economical and ideal for an individual or a company’s usage, These Disposable Bouffant Caps offer the perfect support that one needs to safeguard both product and person. You’ll benefit greatly whether in various industries or applicable purposes such as electronic manufacturing, clean rooms, restaurants, food industry, schools, motorcycling, printing, molding, clinics, hospitals, cosmetics, the pharmaceutical industry, factories, cleansing, and public areas, etc. Don’t hesitate to provide yourself or your workers with the proper Disposable Bouffant Caps enhancement they need. This will increase their performance, effectiveness and efficiency, but most of all, their health and safety. Light, soft, and waterproof. Our Disposable Bouffant Caps offer premium performance regarding filterability, heat preservation, good air permeability,  water absorption, great flexibility, and deformation resistance.

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Ideal For : Men & Women
Color : blue
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