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What is a phone case used for?

Cases, which are outlined to join, to bolster, or alternatively hold a mobile phone, are popular accessories for many phones, particularly mainstream smartphones. It gives our phone ultimate protection from dust, drop along with from screen broken or we can say that from any accidental damage.

Is back cover necessary for mobile?

Yes Mobile Covers are essential for our Mobile Phones. Mobile cases are the finest option to shield your mobile. A back cover has now become a valuable part of your whole look. if you have an iphone then back cover is important to protect your phone. Apple Iphone Cover is available in cartloot online store.

Which is the best material for mobile back cover?

Polycarbonate along with polypropylene are the hardest plastic material used to make cell phone covers. These plastics are so tough that bullet proof windows are made out of them. Thus these plastic make your mobile very safe. The advantage of plastic material is also that they make protective, rough along with tough mobile cases. Cartloot gives you a best quality of phone back cover of all brands. IPhone Back Cover is also available in Cartloot Online Store which is the best online shopping portal for all across the world.

Do silicone cases protect phones?

A silicone case protects your phone from short-distance drops along with the texture helps prevent your phone from sliding. Because the case resides only of a thin layer of silicone, however, it may not prevent damage if your phone falls from a great distance or with a lot of force.

Are silicone or plastic cases better?

Silicone mobile cases are more durable than plastic covers as they are elastic along with fire resistant. They are, however, naive to tears, especially when in contact with sharp objects. Leather mobile cases are the finest in terms of durability compared to silicone phone case or plastic cell phone covers.

What are the different types of phone cases?

Sleeves along with Pouches, Shells, Holsters, Safety Straps, Skins, Bumpers, Screen protection along with body films, Flip cases & wallets, Drop & shock protection, Leather case.

Is TPU case better than silicone?

Durability concludes the resistance shown by the mobile phone case against wear and tear. A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) phone case is also less durable when compared to a silicone phone case. In fact, they are more vulnerable towards wear along with tear.

Is TPU waterproof?

Impervious to water TPU fabrics bond a thermoplastic polyurethane membrane to a base textile, like nylon or polyester fabric. It builds a wide range of high-operating materials that maintain their elasticity yet are durable along with waterproof. TPU has a long list of admirable material properties.

What is stay classy?

Rigorous smartphone users may try introducing great mobile covers with the smartphone. It is also not only for protection of the device, but the classy look as well. There is also an option where one can design their own print for mobile covers.

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I am from Australia and I have an apple phone. How would I know which cases are right for my phone?

Cases are according to design. Select the model number and select whichever design you like the most or according to its specification.

Do you have cover for a Samsung phone? Will you deliver this product to UK?

Cartloot offers covers for Samsung phone. Yes we deliver the product to UK.

How many mobile phone covers do you have? Can you deliver this to Australia?

We have a wide range of phone covers for Samsung, iphone and many others. We deliver to Australia at your doorstep.