Bathing Your Baby

Bathing Your Baby

How to Give Your Infant a Sponge Bath?
During the primary couple weeks after birth, a ablution is suggested . Infants should tend a ablution only until the duct falls off and heals. If your child has been circumcised, that ought to heal also before bathing for the primary time. For a sponge bath, you will need a clean soft washcloth, warm water, a soft brush for the hair, and a towel.

You will want to wash baby during a warm room as babies lose heat faster than adults or older children. Place them on a towel or padded area on a flat stable surface. If you place your baby on a neighborhood above the ground , remember to stay one hand on them in the least times. When giving a ablution , keep your baby wrapped during a towel, exposing only the world you're bathing to avoid heat loss. This is especially important during their early weeks of life.

Take the corner of your wet washcloth and wipe the eyes from the inside corner to the outside corner. Use another corner of your washcloth and wash your baby's other eye from the within to the surface corner. Next, wash your baby's mouth, nose, and ears with warm water. Rinse your washcloth and add a little amount of baby soap to softly wash baby's face, avoiding the attention area.

Use a little amount of baby shampoo to scrub your baby's head and hair.

Next, wash your baby's arms, legs, back, and belly, ensuring to scrub within the creases of their skin. Once you've got washed everything else, rinse your washcloth and cleanse the genital area. Remember to scrub from front to back for women .

How to Give Your Baby a Tub Bath?
Once your baby's umbilical cord and/or circumcision has healed, they will be ready for a tub bath. Instead of filling up the bath in your home, use the sink or a little basin tub make specifically for babies. Fill it with two to three inches of warm water. Check the water temperature before you begin bathing. The water should be warm and not hot—just about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Test the water with your elbow. It should feel warm to the touch.

Follow an equivalent procedure as for sponge bathing, except this point you don’t need to hold them wrapped during a towel. Remember, never, ever leave a baby unattended in the tub.