Five Traditional Diwali Eats To Be Munched On Diwali Night

Five Traditional Diwali Eats To Be Munched On Diwali Night

Diwali is my most favorite festival of the year! I just love the way homes and hearts illuminate around Diwali. And my kitchen is already lit up with all the festive feelings to share with friends and family. Plans are in action, card parties over delicious Diwali snacks, watching the skies ablaze, slurping down yummy traditional Diwali sweets – I’m already circling dates off my calendar! 

To everyone's surprise, I often order Indian sweets for Diwali online.

These are special sweets that are liked by everyone. They enjoy, as well as bring smiles from their hearts and faces. I really like festival time and am diving straight into spreading the love. I’m so excited to share this Diwali recipe round-up of a number of my favorite Diwali snack recipes. Filled with flavor and every one that dhamaka that Diwali is all about!

 Amongst the foremost beautiful festivals celebrated across India, Diwali is all about the victory of sunshine over darkness, good over evil and food over mood! While laddoos and kheers are staples on the Diwali sweets table; samosas, aloo tikkis, kebabs and everyone those Diwali snack recipe get my party started. Indian Diwali snacks prove to be a great option for eating fast and it too much tasty!  It is best for serving quickly. Also children like it very much.

The crunchy, savory, masala plates of appetizers gets families during a festive mood automatically! So here are best, traditional and fusion Diwali snack recipes to have in your Diwali appetizer menu! Spread the sunshine, love and cheer you guys! Happy Diwali!


1. Punjabi Samosas

This is definitely the simplest Indian Punjabi samosa you’ll make at home! These samosas are crispy, flaky and therefore the filling will remind you of your favorite samosa and Mathai shop.


2. Soya Hara Bhara Kebab

These Hara-Bhara all veg kebabs aren't just awesome but they're a way healthier version of your restaurant favorite! Super Chatpata and just perfect with a spritely mint chutney, trust me you’ll have everyone posing for seconds!

Easy to prepare soya Bara Bhara kebab are a healthy twist to food style Hara Bhara kebabs. These are perfect if you're trying to find veg kebabs to serve your guests! 


3. Tandoori Paneer Tikka

Roasted Paneer tikka is awesome. You’ll agree once you enter a bit of this perfectly soft, flavorful Paneer with a touch of charred smokiness into your mouth. Boom! During the marinate, skewered and baked during a home oven, this pick for my Diwali recipe list is because this crowd pleaser sets the party on full power mode.

4. Grilled Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka may be a must-have for each party. But, making paneer tikka within the traditional way is time taking, especially on a festive day. The restaurant made paneer tikkas might not be as hygienic and healthy as you think that. 

However, with an OTG oven, you'll easily make delicious paneer tikka reception. Cut the paneer into cubes, mix it with salt, ginger garlic paste, tandoori masala, red flavorer, corn flour, and vegetables. Place them on the baking tray and bake. Serve hot.


5. Chocolate Hazel Nut Milkshake

Instead of serving an equivalent old sweetened drinks, this Diwali you'll include some healthy shakes in your diet. One among the delicious smoothies that you simply can make this Diwali is Chocolate hazelnut milkshake. A creamy mixture of chocolate, hazelnut and chocolate, chocolate hazelnut milkshake are going to be very different from the monotonous Diwali drinks that you simply serve per annum. You'll easily prepare the creamy milkshake using Digital Power Blender and Grinder.

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