My first online Shopping Experience | Cartloot Made it easy for me with 30-70% off

My first online Shopping Experience | Cartloot Made it easy for me with 30-70% off

Today I will tell you about my first online shopping experience.

Online shopping is the latest and biggest craze in internet history, it’s fantastic! You can sit in the comfort of your own home, dress as you like, and shop for all your pantry needs or buy the outfit you want to wear at the end of this month, making this shopping a must-have. Takes it to a new level. My favorite online shopping (because I'm female) is an online fashion, I love the convenience of being tired and I don't have to go anywhere to pick up a dress.

To aid my research into online shopping, I took a look at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia where I could learn about the history of online shopping. I used my Facebook account to find the hottest online fashion stores at the moment. . I also used Pinterest to source some trendy online fashion shops and I used Instagram to follow any online store. And finally, I went to cartloot.comI saw a lot of veracity and discounts on, so I thought it would be good for me if I buy it from as I will also get discount and I will have my favorite clothes in my hand. So the next day I went to the nearest cyber cafe and ordered kurtis, Indian artificial jewellery and Indian bangles online etc from The actual cost was $70, but at cartloot I found it for just $50. Just look at my luck, they ordered me today that I will get it in 20 days but I just got it in 15 days. I went for the payment option which is awesome I paid with my debit card and it is a very easy payment method and within 15 days I got my package delivery at my doorstep via 'Indian post’. So my first online experience was a very enjoyable, secure and very fast experience.

Some advice I would like to give is that whenever you are going to buy something online, first look at all the sites and then compare them. Compare and see which one is the best. Take a look to see which one is cheaper then see which one will be delivered soon. Then see if 'cod' is available. If it is available then compare all sites and see all properties and then go to order.
One more thing also checks if it has easy return or change policy if not then don't go for it. And if within some time if you are unsatisfied with the product then go for replacement or refund immediately and make full use of the service.

I also did the same while ordering Women kurta, first I checked the rate in some online shops then I got the same rate. Then I checked the time for delivery it was not same in other online shops it was 4 weeks and in cartloot, it was 10 to 15 days. So I went for Cartloot.

This is how my first online shopping experience became a success