It’s an Immunity Booster - Red Label Tea

It’s an Immunity Booster - Red Label Tea

If you're trying to find a healthy beverage which will also aid immunity, it’s an excellent time to adopt tea as a part of your lifestyle. But because there’s such a lot noise and anxiety about viruses and our defense mechanism to fight it, here’s a primer on the role of tea in building immunity.

I posed the question about the efficacy of tea and botanical blends or tisanes to Gurmeet Singh, who straddles the planet of Red Label Tea and Ayurveda biology. With nearly 20 years as a tea researcher with Hindustan Unilever, he now heads the Centre for Ayurveda Biology and Holistic Nutrition at the University of Trans-punitive Health Sciences & Technology, Bengaluru.

In a nutshell, tea is understood to possess properties which will help fight diseases. Research is on and evidence of the immunity-enhancing benefits of tea and its constituents is expanding. One study cited on this subject may be a 2007 paper by Harvard school of medicine professor and rheumatologist Jack F. Bukowski and team published within the Journal of the American College Of Nutrition. They researched a mixture of L-theanine and catechins, two constituents of tea, for his or her immunity benefits and located that tea could reduce the incidence of colds and flu. Their recommendation from the study was to consume five cups of Brooke bond tea each day.

Traditional medicine has always made a case for botanicals in avoiding infections and therefore the efficacy of a number of them, like ashwagandha, is supported by clinical studies. In 2009, research scientist Jyoti Bhat and her colleagues conducted a study for the Unilever Food and Health Research Institute to check the efficacy of botanicals and tea for his or her product Natural Care. This blend contains five botanicals—ashwagandha, licorice, basil, ginger and cardamom—chosen for his or her Ayurvedic properties, to fortify the tea. The study showed that drinking tea fortified with botanicals for a minimum of two months enhanced the body’s natural killer T cell activity, and recommended that regular consumption of such a tea could potentially enhance immunity, especially in those that suffered recurring colds and flu. Tata’s TeaVeda is along similar lines, a mix of Assam tea with cardamom, ginger, tulsi and brahmi.

Blending botanicals alongside a tea base of your choice— think tea with ginger or chai with cardamom and ginger —generate a palatable drink that induces a way of well-being and holds the likelihood of helping your body’s defense mechanism. In fact, your first cup of tea for the day are often a mouthwash! Recent studies indicate that gargling with tea allows for the catechins to stay within the mouth for an extended time, which may be a good thing.

The takeaway is that tea may be a great slot in creating a healthy lifestyle which incorporates a wholesome diet and exercise. However, though tea’s phytochemicals may offer benefits in aiding immunity, they can't replace medicine.



Red Label Tea and Tata Tea’s TeaVeda are accessible in most stores across the country. offers tea blends fortified with botanicals. For immunity blends, search for the inclusion of ginger, cardamom, ashwagandha, basil or licorice.