To have a healthy, strong and glossy hair, you would like to understand the way to look after it daily. Here are some tips from us to help you take proper care of your hair.

1. Trim hair regularly
Many believe this will promote hair growth. Well, regardless of whether you trim it, cut it or do none of these, your hair grows half an inch or 1.3 cm every month. Genetics, hormones and diet are truth factors that affect the speed at which hair grows. The real reason you would like regular haircuts is to stay your hair healthy. Therefore, it's best to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to take care of strong and healthy hair.

2. Use appropriate shampoo
It is important to use a shampoo that's designed for your hair type. If you, however, suffer from hair loss, it is best to use shampoos specially for babies since they do not contain strong chemicals that can harm your scalp or hair.

3. Be gentle
Regular hair brushing is significant but the way you sweep your hair is even more important. Excessive brushing can damage your hair. This when it is most vulnerable and prone to breaking.

4. Eat right
Healthy diet is a crucial factor for healthy hair. Also, make sure you intake minerals and vitamins. Lack of certain vitamins, like iron contributes to damaged hair and may even cause hair loss in women.

5. Natural is best
Whenever possible, avoid using hand blower , curling or flat irons. Heat exposure damages hair. Also, avoid frequent hair colouring. Chemicals in hair coloring are strong and harmful for your hair.

6. Don’t worry, be happy
Reduce stress. Stress is one among main culprits that causes hair loss in women. Thus, be happy.

7. Nourish your scalp
If possible, use hair treatments a minimum of once every week . And there is no need for fancy in-saloon treatments that will cost you a fortune. You can make many of them on your own with few ingredients you presumably have already got in your kitchen. Have a healthy, strong and delightful hair at down-to-earth price.

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