Massage with Navratna Hair Oil and relax

Massage with Navratna Hair Oil and relax

Navratna Hair Oil hairdressing With 9 operating Herbal Ingredients 50ml Pack Of 2: Net Weight - 100ml, Product Description: Navratna Ayurvedic Oil, world’s No.1 cool oil may be a unique scientific blend of 9 superior herbs obtain as per ayurvedic scriptures alongside the added goodness of brahmi and amla which provides nourishment to the scalp. It keeps you and your family cool and provides very effective relief from fatigue and other chronic stress syndromes like, tension, headache and sleeplessness, Be relaxed and proud of enriching experience, Be relaxed and proud of enriching action of Navratna Ayurvedic Oil. For Effective Relief From: -Stress and tension -Headache and migraine. -Sleeplessness -Body ache and joint pain. -Premature hair fall and unusual baldness -Scalp ailments viz. dandruff and itching -Minor burns, cuts and bruises -Sprain and muscular pain -Tiredness by inflect up muscles and nerves. *Used for: Hair, *Gender: Men and ladies, *Hair Type: All type Hair.


Himani Ayurvedic Navratana Cool Oil is that the finest oil of extracts from natural which eliminate or dismiss and it provides relief from sleeplessness, tension, body ache, headache, hair related problems. It maintains the top cool release headache, an effectual memory aid, and tones up body muscles, removes tiredness and also its cool body massage oil. And this oil provides a really soothing feeling once you apply it on your head. You’ll feel so reduced and obtain fresh after applying this oil. The simplest a part of this oil had very energizing effect and therefore the people. Navratna Hair Oil hairdressing has been on our minds since the earliest days of our childhood due to its tagline ‘Thanda Thanda Cool Cool'. Navratna has been the foremost trusted and approved brand within the therapeutic cooling oil segment for a really while. Its everyday massage gives enjoyable cooling which provides relief from daily mental and physical stress-and its associated symptoms like headache, fatigue, tension, insomnia, etc.


Kunch, Muramansi 0.25g each, Gulab Phool, Benamul, Mustha, Kesut 0.05g each, Alma 1.0g, Kanpur 0.5g, Pudina Ka Phool 1.84g, Pudina Ka Tel 0.46g, Surasar 0.5ml.

How to Use

Take some Himani Navratna hairdressing in your hand and apply to the world where you would like to massage. We will apply that in the dark and wash the top next morning. It’s nourishment for both hair and scalp.

  • Take an acceptable amount of oil and apply gently on the scalp and massage it gently.
  • You can use it after or before a shower or once you have a headache.
  • Your head will feel Very light and stress-free post-application.
  • Avoid using it in the dark, because the camphor and menthol present in it can cause cough and cold if you're sensitive to catching a chilly easily.


  • It has been meticulously prepared from a mixture of nine different ayurvedic herbs.
  • It not only clear up specific hair and body associated ailments but delivers superlatively on all desired benefits, like beauty and nourishment, traditionally sought from hair oils.
  • It helps to extend hair follicular growth (contains redensyl and black seed oil).
  • It aids in preventing itching and irritation.
  • It assists in assuage dryness and brittleness of the hair.
  • With regular usage, you'll see that your hair has become shiny, softer and far stronger.
  • Navratna hairdressing prevents breakage of your hair and you'll see a clear less hair fall once you meticulously start using it.


  • Sesame oil
  • Menthol
  • Amla
  • Camphor
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary Oil

Safety information

  • For external use only.
  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Keep it out of the arrive of youngsters.
  • Store it during a cool and dry area.
  • Should be shielded from direct light.


1. What are the advantages of Navratna oil?

It is used for head and body massage and is active for both men and ladies. A massage with Navratna oil soften the muscles. It connect a cooling effect on the scalp and body. It also relieves tension and advance blood circulation.

2. When should we apply Navratna oil?

Although this oil is suggested for its refreshing action, if you pour a couple of drops of Navratna oil into a warm bath, you'll fully enjoy its relaxing effect because of its smell.

3. Is Navratna oil natural?

Navratna oil has different herbal ingredients in it, like burn plant, amla, bhringraj, mustard oil, expressed almond oil and vegetable oil that are proven to be effective for relieving muscle strains and stress. This ayurvedic oil has cooling properties which will adequately reduce headache, insomnia and fatigue.

4. Is Navratna oil chemical-free?

It doesn't have any chemical or biochemical substance that's harmful to the physical body. Keeps the top cool. Navratna gives relief from sleeplessness, headache, body ache, tension, hair relevant problems. It also has medicinal benefits.

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