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Helps body make its natural defense system and supports its unassailable elbow grease to fight infections and helps the body to getby with stress, and enhances general health and performance.

Promotes health

data inferred from Ayurveda handbooks and new-fashioned inquiry

Amalaki helps boost exemption by making the body’s natural defense system to fight infections.

The active components of Amalaki has antioxidant goods that help free the body of cell damaging free crazies.

Amalaki rejuvenates the skin and holding pattern precocious skin aging.

The savory enhances general health and performance by helping the body getby with stress.

Ideal For

Low exemption


Every tablet contains Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) organic product extract 250 mg

Good to Know

100 rapacious.
Liberated from sugar, fake tones, counterfeit flavors, additives..

Special Instructions

It's judicious to consult your croaker before you start using the product in these situations

In Conditions which demand special medical care
Specific contraindications that haven't been correlated

Please consult your croaker if symptoms persist.

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Food Preference : Vegetarian
Maximum Shelf Life : 24 months
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