Himani Navratna Hair Oil

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Himani Navratna Oil:

Navratna Hair Oil is a unique blend of herbs and oils that helps to improve the health and appearance of curly, smooth hair and hair. It is specially designed to be used as a pre-style treatment for a super-smooth look. Navratna hair oil is 100% natural and cooling oil that gives relief from Stress, Tension, Headache and Fatigue. Navartna hair oil provides relief from daily mental and physical stress. Himani Navratna Oil may be a Herbal oil which is formed by Emani Ltd. It has the blend of nine different herbs which makes it a really effective and efficient product. It is 100% natural and no unhealthy oils are added in it which makes it safe to use. The best thing about Himani Navratna Oil is that it are often used on hair . On Hairs it works as a treatment for hair. It repairs damages hair, removes dandruff.

Is Himani Navratna Oil Natural?

Navratna is an all-natural, pure and organic hair oil made from a blend of natural ingredients to help you reach your most beautiful hair ever. Himani Navratna Oil may be a very famous Indian product thanks to its Herbal benefits. Its herbal ingredients are carefully selected and processed and there are not any impurities in it. It is 100% free from harmful chemicals.


Its main ingredients are: Sesame oil, Japa, Bringhraj, Bharmi, Amla, Thyme and Rosemary Oil.

Direction to Use:

Apply on Hair, Scalp or Skin and Massage Gently for a couple of minutes.

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Brand : Himani
Weight : 200 ml
Applied For : Stress Relief
Ideal For : Men & Women
Type : Herbal
Maximum Shelf Life : 36 months
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