Cycle Combo Value Pack Champa, Javadhu, Kasturi, Kewda, Loban, Mogra, Rose Agarbattis (264 Units)

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Good Luck Champa Agarbathies release a divine fragrance with a soft and spicy sweetness, turning your home into a soothing oasis. good luck classic.Known as the flower of paradise, Champa or Michelia Champaca used primarily for worship, has been a part of the Indian heritage right from ancient times. Good Luck Javadhu Agarbathies create a clean and calm atmosphere in your home and surroundings. good luck classic.Considered as the creation of royals, Javadhu is a divine and ancient fragrance extracted from natural herbal plants. Also known as 'the perfume from paradise', Javadhu in the form of incense is used for worship, ritual purification, and aromatherapy. Turn your home into a retreat of tranquility with Good Luck Kasturi Agarbathies. One of the most valued herbs in the world, Kasturi is a variant of Basil/Tulsi is known for its purity and divine connection. Good Luck Kewda Agarbathies brings you a deep and enchanting fragrance of this seasonal flowers that will purify your surroundings throughout the year. This exotic scent extracted from the male flowers of Pandanus plant, 'Kewda' has been popular in the Indian culture and used as an aromatic since ancient times. A magical and enchanting fragrance created using the natural resin from the Boswellia tree Good Luck Loban Agarbathies is an instant mood elevator. Fumes emitted while burning Loban or Benzoin resin is said to have a cleansing effect, purify the air around you and uplift the energy levels. Good Luck Mogra Agarbathies emits a heady aroma that fills your heart with euphoria and uplifts the mind to its highest state. Mogra, a beautiful cluster of fragrant flowers is prized for its unparalleled essence. A species from Jasmine lineage, this night blooming flower has been used for ages in diverse ways. Good Luck Rose Agarbathies has a rich, sweet scent that amalgamates the physical and psychic love, beauty and merriment, leading one closer to a garden full of roses in full bloom.

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Incense brand : Cycle
Incense weight : 1800 g
Incense quentity : 264 sticks
Primary material : N/A
Incense color : N/A
Incense Dimensions : N/A
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