Dabur Hajmola Regular - Digestive Tablets

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About the merchandise
Dabur Hajmola allows you to enjoy the chatpata taste because it stimulates your digestive power, especially when taken regularly after meals. Not only does it get your digestive juices working better, it's also a useful laxative for youngsters. Hajmolas khatta meetha taste is out there in Regular, Imli, and Anardana flavors.

How to Use
Hajmola tablets have various uses. These tablets help in better digestion and may also treat flatulence when taken on a daily basis. Also, its blend of herbs and medicinal elements makes it an honest after-meal supplement. Also, the tangy taste makes it a favorite for youngsters and adults alike. While children should take one tablet at a time, adults can ingest up to 2 tablets at a time.

• Chatpata tablets, fun to possess at any time of the day• Improves digestion for teenagers and adults• Useful in cases of indigestion, loss of appetite & flatulence• good way to enjoy while staying healthy• Hajmolas Chatpata richness is sweet for a change of taste

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Brand : Dabur
Weight : 200 G
Flavour : Regular
Type : Candy
Maximum Shelf Life : 24 months
Food Preference : Vegetarian
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