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Summers are often daunting and particularly when there's a huge scorching sun always able to drain out your energy and stop you from being the simplest of you. But thank god there's Glucon-D! Glucon-D contains glucose that helps replenish body glucose and fills you with the energy recommended to remain operating. it's easily absorbed by the body, thus giving out a moment energy boost and refreshment.

Enriched with Vitamin-C and Minerals, including Calcium and Phosphorus, this glucose drink support charge you up to fight tiredness and promotes mental alertness. Add Glucon-D to a glass of water a day to supply developing active children with the energy that keeps them going and adults, refreshment after an extended day.

Glucon D fills you with the energy recommended to remain active
Kick away tiredness and feel rejuvenated with Glucon-D, the well-liked approved in summer when the scorching heat drains out body glucose
Glucon D helps to supply instant energy
Available in Regular also as Delicious Lime, Orange and Mango flavours
It contains vitamin C which advance the mental alertness that helps you to concentrate better while doing various daily tasks

Glucose (99.4%), Minerals (Calcium Phosphates) And Vitamin D2.

How to Use
Add 4 teaspoon of Glucon-D (approx 35gm) to 1 glass of water (200ml) and beat. Recommended 2 glasses per day.

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Brand : Glucon-D
Weight : 450G
Flavour : Regular
Container Type : Jar
Maximum Shelf Life : 24 months
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