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About the merchandise
One of the foremost important baby care products that you simply will buy for your baby is diapers. Whether it's for your newborn or for your toddler who is yet to travel to the toilet by himself or herself, diapers are the merchandise which will make your first year of parenting easy or tough. If you've got thought of not using diapers, just consider the results . Cloth diapers not only need to be changed more often, but they need to be washed and sanitised every single time. Also, if the material isn't smooth enough, it'll constantly rub against the skin of your baby which can cause scratches or redness. To spare your baby and yourself all this trouble, switch to diapers, specially these ones from Huggies. Choose Huggies dry diapers for your child and you'll both sleep soundly through the night. Whether it's play time, nap time or bedtime, these diapers are okay for any activities that you simply have planned for your baby. The magic gel formula will pull in any wetness instantly and keeps rock bottom of your child dry. The absorbent core locks altogether the fluid after distributing it evenly. These diapers are highly absorbent and keep your baby easy and dry, even when he or she is crawling and on the move. The double leak guard prevents leakage along the edges , keeping both the baby and your floors clean. Huggies dry diapers accompany wear any side snug fit, supplying you with the liberty to form your baby wear his or her diaper any way you would like .

How to Use

  • Stretch the diaper to open the leg guards perfectly.
  • Hold the diaper firmly with one hand and apply the tapes one by one.
  • regulate the tapes if they're too loose or too tight.

Cloth-like Airfresh cover - grant air to flow in and out of the diaper and keeps baby's skin fresh
Quick Lock System to assist stop leaks:

  • 1. Quick Dry Layer quickly pulls fluid faraway from the baby's skin
  • 2. Spreads fluid throughout the pad
  • 3. Locks fluid into the absorbent core to stay baby's skin dry

Blue Speed Dry Layer - pulls in wetness directly and keeps baby's skin dry

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Brand : Huggies
Type : Pant Diapers
Ideal For : Kids
Color : White
Minimum Age : 1 months
Maximum Age : 6 months
Compatible Baby Weight : 8-14 kg
Series : Standard
Closure Type : Elastic Waistband
Effective Duration : Up to 10 Hours
Material : Soft Elastic
Washable : No
Convenience and Safety : Disposable
Maximum Shelf Life : 36 months
Weight : 1750 g
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