Mangaldeep Mogra Fragrance Puja Dhoop

80% of 100
An ITC product Pooja dhoop to be rolled by hands and then alighted Mogra fragrance Made in India
One box contains twelve packets of Puja Dhoop of 45 gms. Each with one match box. Out of the world fragrance. Alight this incense to ensure your deepest devotion and open your heart to the divine. What is in the box? Mangaldeep Puja Dhoop (12 Packets of Dhoop of 45 gms. each with one match box)
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Incense brand : Mangaldeep
Incense weight : 181 g
Incense quentity : 12 Packets
Primary material : Puja Dhoop
Incense color : Green
Incense Dimensions : 10.5 x 6.5 x 31 cm
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