Parle Candy - Melody Chocolaty

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About the merchandise
As you're taking a bite of Parle Melody Chocolaty Candy, you'll easily distinguish the additional sweetness of the caramel cutting through the graceful chocolaty filling. The excessive sweetness within the candy are often quite revelation, especially for those that like their toffees caramelly and crunchy.

This toffee is like a moment energizer and if you're affected by hypoglycaemia, it can act as a true life-saver.

How to Use
Those who have a appetite will simply love the chocolaty caramelly taste of this candy. Probably it's the tagline which describes the merchandise best it, in order that you recognize what this chocolate is all about'. Gift it to a lover , or if your child has a birthday celebration you'll pack it with another goodies as a return gift.

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Brand : Parle
Weight : N/A
Flavour : Melody
Type : Candy
Maximum Shelf Life : 12 Months
Food Preference : Vegetarian
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