Zed Black 3 in 1 Large (2 packs) , Arij Large (2 packs) , Turbo Large (2 packs) - Combo of 6 Premium Agarbattis (70 Units)

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Incense stick is considered as one of the most crucial elements in Indian culture. Whether it is about conveying prayers to the God or about creating positive energy, inscense sticks do it all! Perfect for everyday purpose, Zed Black incense sticks are seamlessly designed to provide one of a kind and exquisite aroma in an area. It not only creates a refreshing and alluring environment but also encourages confidence, optimism and cheerfulness. If you are looking for unique and best-quality natural incense sticks, then this is the perfect pick! Key features: 1. Incense Sticks are considered as one of the most important elements in Indian culture. Zed Black Premium incense sticks are made from best quality materials and hence, using it creates exquisite and soothing aroma all around. 2. Long-lasting: Made from natural oils blended with top notch elements, these aroma sticks create mesmerizing fragrance around the room. Use it anywhere in living area or office and make sure to boost up the environment. 3. High quality fragrance sticks- natural incense sticks have proven to be the most effective way to add scents to an area. It is safe to use and premium quality product that you should opt for. We are one of the prolific incense sticks manufacturers in the market that aims to offer best quality and exclusive products. 4. Use it for a spiritual purpose or meditational; it offers mind-blowing incense scents that will undeniably uplift the aura of the area and make it more positive and encouraging. Combo of 6 _ 3 in1 Large (2 packs), Arij Large (2 packs) , Turbo Large (2 packs). 5. Presented by Zed Black, these incense sticks are made to spread pleasing and soothing aroma around an area. It imparts positive energy, eradicates the negative one and helps you attain your spiritual and meditational goals; 6 Boxes Inside, Total 440 Incense Sticks, Arij Large- 70*2 (140 Sticks), 3in1 Large- 80*2 (160 Sticks), Turbo Large- 70*2 (140 Sticks). Why choose this product? Crafted out of world class materials, these incense sticks are worth every single penny! It features long lasting and premium aroma that will undoubtedly uplift the ambience of an area and make it free from negative energy. Use it for spiritual or meditational purpose and spice up your home! It not only relaxes mind and soul, but also cheers us up. Usage of these incense sticks: - For spiritual or meditational purpose - Boosting up the ambience and creating an aromatic and refreshing aura. - While doing meditation or practicing yoga. - Used for conveying prayers to god every morning. - Scent sticks boost up confidence, positivity and self-reliance. Why choose us? We are the purveyors of world class incense sticks and cones. Zed Black has created an inevitable reputation in this cutting edge market. For us, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority.
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Incense brand : Zedblack
Incense weight : 181 g
Incense quentity : 70 units
Primary material : Premium
Incense color : N/A
Incense Dimensions : N/A
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