Maggi 2-Minute Special Masala Maggi Instant Noodles Vegetarian

97% of 100
  • Taste that really satiates the guts
  • Each portion benefits to get 15% of your daily iron requirement*
  • Recipe made with 20 spices and herbs, roasted and blended to offer a "Special" taste
  • Every individual packs of noodle and therefore the Best Tastemaker inside every individual pack, for a fast 2-minute preparation

About the merchandise

To take your favourite Masala taste experience to subsequent level, MAGGI introduces the New MAGGI Special Masala Noodles, a recipe of 20 Spices and Herbs. Made with a mix of infrequently ground and whole spices, and herbs, the all-new MAGGI Instant Noodles have a special and flavourful tastemaker sachet inside. These spices are roasted to a T, providing a definite aroma and colour to your maggi instant noodles. It is also called minute noodles.


Refined wheat flour (Maida), Palm oil, Salt, wheat gluten, Mineral (Calcium car-bonate), Thickeners (508 & 412), Acidity manager (501(i) & 500(i)) and Humectant (451(i)). MASALA TASTEMAKER®: Hydrolysed groundnut (peanut) protein, mixed quality spices {(23.6%) (Dehydrated onion, Coriander powder, Red chilli powder (3%), Turmeric powder, Dried garlic (2.5%), Cumin powder, Aniseed powder, Fenugreek powder, Ginger powder, Black pepper powder (0.4%), Clove powder (0.1 %), Green cardamom powder (0.1 %) & Nutmeg powder)), Noodle powder [Refined flour (Maida), Palm oil, Salt, gluten , Mineral (Calcium carbonate), Thickeners (508 & 412), Acidity regulators (501(i) & 500(i)) & Humectant (451(I)), Sugar, Edible starch, Palm oil, Thickener (508), Caramel salt mix [Salt, Colour (150d) & Palm oil), Acidity regulators (330 & 500(ii)), Salt, Flavour en-hancer (635) and Mineral (Ferric pyrophosphate)


  • Your popular MAGGI noodles now with an all new Special Masala
  • An refreshing recipe of 20 spices and herbs with the goodness of iron
  • Contains a mix of finely grounded and whole spices, roasted to a T
  • Each portion helps meet 15% of your daily iron requirement*
  • Quick 2 minute preparation

How to Use

In Boiling water 1½ cup, and add the TASTEMAKER alongside the noodle cake fractured into 4. Cook for two minutes in open pan, while you stir occasionally. Don’t drain the remaining water.

Serving Instructions: Garnish together with your favourite veggies and serve hot.

Note: it's going to contain milk solids, mustard and soya. Storage Instruction: Store during a cool, dry and hygienic place to guard from insects, pests and powerful odours.

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Brand : Maggi
Food Preference : Vegetarian
Flavour : 2-Minute Special Masala
Maximum Shelf Life : 9 Months
Weight : 70G
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