Nescafe Coffee+ Parle Cookies -Milano Choco Chip

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Nescafe Coffee Classic is one of the most popular variations of coffee from brand Nestle. Just imagine what would be your mornings like without the kick from a steaming cup of coffee? The Classic Coffee from Nescafe dates back to 1930s in Brazil; the entire idea was to develop a way of making a quality cup of coffee by just adding some boiling water. With instant coffee finding its place in households, Nescafe Coffee Classic became a household name.

A treat to your taste buds, spoil in devilish festivities by biting into Parle Hide & Seek Milano Chocolate Chip Cookies. It has the exact balance of crunchiness and chocolate. Taste and delight flows bite after bite. There is a secret following all Milano, making it equally unbelievably and mysteriously luxurious. A wonderful hint of these cookies and chocolate are yummy, tasty, ready and crunchy to melt in your mouth.

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Brand : Nescafe
Weight : 100g
Flavour : Plain
Form Factor : Powder
Maximum Shelf Life : 12 Months
Masala Type : Nescafe Coffee - Classic + Parle Cookies -Milano Choco Chip
Container Type : Pouch
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