Sugar free Gold Low Calorie Sweetner

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About the merchandise
Sugar Free Gold is your healthier alternative to sugar. it's made up of Aspartame, a protein derivative. it's a nutritious, safe and a perfect low calorie sugar substitute, supplying you with the sweetness and taste of sugar but with negligible calories to stress about! Sugar Free Gold helps you to chop down on excess calories of sugar to stay you fit. While an hour of the walk may assist you to lose 350 calories (approx.), by making Sugar Free a neighborhood of your fitness plan you'll avoid 500 calories each day . Burning calories is difficult; avoiding them is straightforward with Sugar Free Gold. 1 pellet is equivalent in sweetness to 1 teaspoon of Sugar

Bulking Agent - Lactose Sweetener - Aspartame Stabilizer - Croscarmellose sodium Anticaking Agent -Magnesium stearate Anticaking Agent -Colloidal silica Stabilizer - Polyvinyl pyrrolidone Preservative - benzoate of soda .

How to Use
Sugar Free Gold may be a healthy alternative to sugar. Made with Aspartame, a protein derivative, Sugar Free Gold may be a low-calorie substitute with the sweetness and taste of sugar. it's a perfect substitute together pellet, in sweetness, is like a teaspoon of sugar. It can assist you avoid almost 500 calories each day , as avoiding calories is simpler than burning them. Sugar Free Gold may be a boon for health-conscious people and diabetics.

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Brand : Sugar free
Weight : N/A
Type : Regular
Container Type : box
Maximum Shelf Life : 24 months
Dietary Preference : No Cholesterol
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