Sugar free Natura Low Calorie Sweetener

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About the merchandise
Sugarfree Natura made using Sucralose which may be a derivative of Sugar. Sucralose tastes like Sugar, but doesn't contain an equivalent amount of calories. Thus, it allows you to enjoy the sweet flavour of sugar without having to stress about gaining excess calories. • Ideal for cooking and baking: Sucralose is very heated stable, which suggests you'll cook and bake with it with none loss in sweetness. It are often used for creating a good sort of preparations- hot and cold beverages, mithais, desserts, cakes etc. it's ideal for fitness seekers, weight-conscious & diabetics. 1 measured spoon (of 0.5 gms, provided inside the pack) is equivalent in sweetness to 1 teaspoon of Sugar

Bulking Agent - Dextrose, Maltodextrin Sweetener - Sucralose

How to Use
Made with sucralose, a by-product of sugar, Sugar Free Natura tastes like sugar but has lesser calories. Sucralose may be a highly heat-stable compound making it preserve its sweetness despite getting used in cooking and baking. Sugar Free Natura Diet Powder are often used for generate desserts, cakes, Indian sweets and beverages, both hot and cold. it's a perfect sugar substitute for weight-watchers and diabetics. Sugar Free Natura has negligible calories which are helpful for health-certain people.

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Brand : Sugar free
Weight : 100g
Type : Diet
Container Type : Plastic Bottle
Maximum Shelf Life : 11 Months
Dietary Preference : Sugar Free
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