Zed Black Yoga Natural Premium Agarbattis (20 Units)

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Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines flourished since ancient India and Chakra series has a distinctive variety of yoga asanas namely Sarvangasana, Vajrasana, Tadasana, Sirsasana, Vrikshasana, Chakrasana, Uttanasana, Gomukhasana, Janusirsasnana, Utrasana, Siddhasana & Balasana which revitalizes your stress full life. Quantity: 20 Sticks Per Box Total 240 Sticks in an Outer Box. Burning time: 30-40 Minutes Quality: Natural sticks. Extracted from: The rich soulful traditions of India. Introductory price Rs 500 Product description: 1.Sarvangasana: Use Chakra Sarvangasana incense stick with this yoga and enhance the favorability of life Special feature: Use this fervent aroma every time with this yoga asana that makes you remain active & dynamic ever after. 2. Vajrasana:Cinnamon aroma used in Chakra Vajrasana incense stick helps you increase concentration Special feature:Makes you stronger throughout your life. 3. Tadasana: Chakra Tadasana incense stick provides physical and mental benefits. Special feature:Strengthens the entire nervous system. 4. Sirsasana: Geranium aroma included in Chakra Sirsasana incense stick revitalizes all your mental functions & boosts efficiency. Special feature: provides the energy to discipline the mind. 5. Vrikshasana:When performed this asana with this soothing Lavender aroma used in Chakra Vrikshasana incense stick, it enhances focus of your mind. Special feature:Teaches you patience, makes you sturdy & flexible. 6. Chakrasana:Chakrasana incense stick increases the level of energy & prevents depression. Special feature Energizes you and expels discouragement from life. 7. Uttanasana:Chakra Uttanasana incense stick improves flexibility and swells the encouragement. Special feature:Upgrades the whole structure of your body. 8. Gomukhasana:Executed this asana with divine Cassia aroma used in Chakra Gomukhasana incense stick and uproot your tension. Special feature: Induce relaxation and increases energy level 9. JanuSirsasana:Chakra JanuSirsasana incense stick while doing this asana and enrich abundant positivity in your life. Special feature:relieves anxiety & fatigue. 10. Utrasana:Chakra Utrasana incense stick stretches & strengthens your shoulders & elevates over all posture of your body. Special feature: Improves the function of respiratory system & tightens the muscles. 11. Siddhasana:Chakra Siddhasana incense stick improves memory & digestion system. Special feature: keeps you focused & determined. 12. Balasana:Performe this asana with Chakra Balasana incense stick to normalizes circulation throughout the body. Special feature:Gives you a greater sense of mental, physical and emotional solace. Caution Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal/ human consumption. For fragrance purpose only. Do not keep internally. Keep burning incense away from flammable materials. Never leave burning incense unattended. Make sure ashes fall on fireproof surface . Always use incense in a ventilated area. Directions for Use Light the tip of the incense sticks until it flames. After tip glows, blow out the flame. Fix it into the holder or a firm surface.
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Incense brand : Zedblack
Incense weight : 181 g
Incense quentity : 215 units
Primary material : Premium
Incense color : N/A
Incense Dimensions : N/A
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