Instant Oats – Maggi Oats

Instant Oats – Maggi Oats

Maggi Oats are solid eats; a bazaar of exemplary cereal packs a generous container of nutrients, protein, and cholesterol-bringing down logical fibre.

Instant Whole Grain honesty

Instant oatmeal is partly cooked and dried for fast medication. Contrary to popular belief, instant oats have the same nutrient benefits as regular oats. The biggest problem with instant feathers? All those savoured options bursting with sugar! Your typical savoured brand will set you back at least 3 to 4 soupspoons of added sweeteners. A few brands may likewise add sodium as an additive, yet there are marks out there without it.

It’s forfeit if you want to candy up your plain oats. Add 2 dippers maple mush, honey, brown sugar, or agave for a sweet breakfast with half the sugar. A little fresh fruit will also up the fibre content.

Rolled Vs. Instant

Some food for reflection Regular rolled oats can cook up on the stovetop in as little as five beats, or near two 2 if you follow fryer directions. Maggi Oats noodles (rolled or blade cut) can also be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for easy morning groom in the broiler. The" beat" stuff is not all that fast. Buying a large holder of rolled oats also saves you have, plus multiple prefer the texture of the non-instant variety.

The packets can come in handy, nonetheless. When I’m traveling, unnumbered pokes, some trail alloy, and a piece of fresh fruit mean an easy and healthy breakfast in the hostelry room.

This salty and savoury Masala Oatmeal is comforting! It’s a tasty breakfast/ brunch with an Indian twist. It is easy to make and is a solid vegetarian porridge.

I love oats in multitudinous forms whether it's sweet or savoury. Notwithstanding, since I believe in eating healthy I decided to convert my favourite Maggi into masala oats.

It took me a while to get the exact taste and flavour but when I nailed it, this savoury oats was my degage lunch.

I've worked on legion instant oats approaches like peanut flannel overnight instant oats, instant oats, and chickpeas pilaf, blueberry oatmeal foxes, carrot oatmeal breakfast gazettes.

Notwithstanding, this Indian style oats how is our favourite and frequent in my home.

My little child has gotten its hang and she cherishes it as well. It's a simple one-pot approach where I've used spices from the press. At the same time, I've used absolutely simple and really handy vegetables that we normally have in our freezer or refrigerator.


The Component List

• MAGGI Nutri-Licious Oats Masala Instant Noodles Predatory-1 Pack (72.5 Gms)

• MAGGI Masala Tastemaker (Available inside MAGGI pates)-1 Sachet (72.5 gms)

• Sago Seeds-1 Cup

• Potato-2, Medium Sized

. • Beans-½ Inch

• Green Chilli-1

• Water-2 Mugs

• Hearty-1 Teaspoon

• Pepper cold cream-¼ Teaspoon

• Oil painting-For Deep Frying

• Tomato Sauce/ Peanut Chutney-4 tablespoons (For Dipping)


1. Prepare factors as mentioned in the list. Wash the sago seeds twice fully, until you notice clear water and soak the sago seeds in a mug of freshwater for 1 hour.

2. Meanwhile, boil 2 medium-sized potatoes until soft and mushy. Cook the oats Maggi beans straight without adding a tastemaker in 225 ml of water for cookery.

3. Drain the surplus water from sago seeds after 2 hours, add boiled potato by squeezing/ mushy them. Add cooled & cooked Oats MAGGI blocks. Add the MAGGI tastemaker. Add bounce and green chili crushed. Add 1 dessertspoon mariner. Add ¼ tablespoon pepper blush. Mix all components to make a dough ball. Take the small ball-sized dough and shape it into a croquette size or vada shape. Reduplication for the remaining dough.

4. Warm the oil painting in a karahi, and deep gala the vadas until golden brown colour on both sides.

5. Garnish with tomato sauce/ peanut chutney.

Maggi Nutri-Licious Masala Oats beans with a tasteful aroma and tasteful masala taste made using 20 Spices & spices. These masalas are broiled flawlessly (Appertain pack for added subtleties) for a fragrance and flavour which you'll adore. These Maggi Nutri-Licious Masala Oats blocks are genuinely a decent mix of humble and supporting Oats Flour, Colored Vegetables, and 20 Spices and toppings. Also, loaded with the Goodness of Oats, each menu is deliciously filling. Each serve (72.5 g) of the Maggi Masala Oats Noodles is a Source of Fiber and Iron (Bear pack for another subtlety). Making Maggi Nutri-Licious Masala Oats Noodles is as simple as possible at any point be.


Maggi always declared that their bean product is safe.

Maggi oats beans are being promoted as ‘Healthy Breakfast’.

Nestle has enhanced with Maggi Oats Noodles after launching ‘healthy atta, Maggi!

Your favorites MAGGI pates now loaded with the character of oat flour

Masala taste made using 20 Spice & spices roasted to perfection

A wellspring of Iron and Fiber, MAGGI Nutri-Licious Masala Oats Noodles is wholesome and appetizing

Easy to cook, MAGGI Masala Oats Noodles takes just 3 flashes!

Factors Multigrain Flour slush, Edible Vegetable Oil, Guar Gum, Salt

The MAGGI NUTRI-LICIOUS Masala Oats beans with a petite smell and appealing masala taste are made utilizing 20 Spices and toppings. These masalas are broiled flawlessly for a fragrance and flavour which you'll cherish. These MAGGI NUTRI-LICIOUS Masala Oats pates are a decent blend of tempting and supporting Oats Flour, Colored Vegetables, and 20 Spices and flavours. Also, loaded with the Goodness of Oats, each refection is deliciously filling. Source of Fibre & Iron. Making MAGGI NUTRI-LICIOUS Masala Oats Noodles is just about as basic as conceivable anytime be – Simply void the Masala Tastemaker (R) Sachet into 1 ½ challises (225 ml) of bubbling water, add the surveys patty, and mix. Cook for 3 jiffies and stay for your favourite “Stunningly Wonderful” MAGGI Masala Oats Noodles. In just 3 jiffies, now you can enjoy a balance of taste & health at any time of the day! Partake in your MAGGI surveys (frothed, dried, and singed) and burn through an assortment of different food sources like vegetables, products of the soil.

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