Matar Paneer

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  • Sweet Green Peas and indian Home style cheese
  • Made with perfectly spices tomato onion

Peas & Indian Home Style Cheese. All natural. Perfectly spiced. Vegetarian. Create Indian home style culinary delights like a pro! What's so special? Home style cooking, in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients using nutritional recipes that deliver authentic tastes and aromas. No preservatives, nothing artificial. Jyoti prepares a range of delicious Indian foods for today's life styles. Heat 'N Serve: Matar-Paneer (cheese and peas), Delhi saag (spinach/mustard greens), Punjabi chhole (spicy chickpeas), Jaipur Karhi (organic potato dumplings in spicy buttermilk), Madras Sambar (lentils and vegetables) and Dal Makhani (lentils and beans in a delicious sauce), which can be heated in the microwave, oven or stove top. Also, baby dark chickpeas (kala channa) - a versatile gourmet bean and a variety of delicious masala simmer sauces. Jyoti Matar-Paneer is a protein rich vegetarian entree or side dish. Sweet green peas (matar) and Indian home style cheese (paneer) and simmered in a tomato - onion sauce, mildly spiced and uniquely delicious. Make a various other dishes with this Matar-Paneer. Heat 'n serve entree. Product of USA.

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Brand : Gits
Container Type : box
Namkin Taste : N/A
Flavour : N/A
Weight : 300G
Namkin Type : N/A
Maximum Shelf Life : 9 Months
Food Preference : Vegetarian
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