Fortune Classic Basmati Rice/Basmati Tandul - Biryani

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About the merchandise
Fortune brings to you Biryani simple premium basmati rice. Aged perfectly for over 2 years, these rice grains achieve the simplest attributes of basmati. On cooking, they elongate over 2 times, become fluffy and flavoursome administer a royal touch to your most special biryani recipes. Every grain of Fortune Biryani Classic premium basmati rice is carefully aged, dried, dehusked, processed, graded, and sorted with a classy colour sorting machine at our state-of-the-art milling plant, before being packed.

Perfectly aged basmati rice for two years.
World’s longest grain premium raw basmati rice, improve for biryani recipes.
Pristine white grains that don't stick with one another or break when cooked.
After cooking, rice lengthen twice in size and makes your biryani flavourful.


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Brand : Fortune
Rice Type : Basmati Rice
Weight : N/A
Texture : N/A
Color : White
Grain Size : Long Size
Maximum Shelf Life : 24 months
Container Type : Pouch
Food Preference : Vegetarian
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